The Apology To Our Twitter Friends - Part One:

To explain to you why we feel compelled to post so much on twitter all the time I would have to first tell you a bit about the code in which Jan and myself try to live by everyday. A code of conduct that consist of “Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage” as can be read about more in depth here at this link of belonging to the U.S. Army that again, mirrors our values.

We apologize for ducking out of twitter for a couple of months and promise you that this will never happen again should it be left up to us however I specifically, had become a bit overwhelmed with this current administration as it rages against everything that we believe in, everything that this country was built upon, a regime that rails against the very American values that we all hold so dear and the very American dream itself.

You see, patriotism is the driving force that keeps us going, a patriotism and belief that started in 1776 and continued to be evident in every major American battle around the world that was fought in the names of freedom and honor that followed the birth of our nation, battles that were fought for for you and I, solders that gave their lives for the American dream of being free to practice our religion, to openly speak our mind, battles that beat down the tyrant and oppression.

When I think of what the American dream consists of, I have to remember those whom have fought and died for this country, those who are are currently serving in every branch of the Armed Forces, people who live by these noble codes of conduct as mentioned above, those in the Intelligence Services and not leaving out, those diplomats and translators performing their political and patriotic duty in both friendly and hostile foreign lands and lastly, the self sacrifice they make everyday of the week that often goes unseen and unheard.

I attempted to delete our twitter account five or six times and unbeknownst to me at the time, my wife had kept reactivating it but that was ok and I wasn't upset, and why ? Because it gave me a couple of months to remember what and who it was that I was fighting for, I was fighting for our way of life, I am fighting for you, I'm fighting like so many of us for America for our way of life that remain vigilant against those darker times.

I started remembering all those people out there that can't just delete their twitter accounts when they don't want to deal with all the sadness and madness of the world, those on the battlefields, those good Republicans and Democrats in government that actually look out for us, those people that hold country above party, those in the 17 intelligence services, the little guy suffering injustice here in America but still chooses to believe in the dream around the world and last but not least, all those in the media pushing for truth and justice whom refuse to be threatened, intimidated, or stopped in any way, shape, or form.

But for a singular moment in time, I forgot not only who I was but all of you out there that depend on Jan and myself to do our part and moreover, that's it's all about sharing in good times and self sacrifice, determination and supporting others in bad times; I realized that it wasn't all about me, it was about doing my part to save this country from a tyrannical government out to destroy the American dream in which we hold dear, it's about remembering and defending the American dream, a dream that tens of thousands of solders, airman, and sailors whom fight for everyday for the freedoms we share, it's about every person that ever was that laid down their lives in the heat of any American battle defending the freedoms we enjoy today that can't be here to speak their minds.

Well, we are back now and ready to go be it on Twitter or any other place we can help to put down injustice, government corruption or otherwise.  The Trump administration not only moves against our core American beliefs in it's perpetual lying or deceptive behavior and one sided policies, but in it's combative nature with world leaders, negative foreign affiliations, shady business dealings, and the total lack of transparency and this is why I don't consider or recognize  Mr. Trump as a legitimate president of the United States at this point and again not leaving out, the interference with the 2016 U.S. Election that this current administration has failed in explaining away to my satisfaction.

Why do we fight for this country ? Because we believe in each other and refuse to be divided via a fear mongering guy named Donald Trump, because we believe in a better tomorrow, a better world that we can leave to our children, we believe in a clean un polluted environment, education, and food for everyone, healthcare, equal pay for men and women alike; we believe in the American dream that so many fought and died for all around the world, we believe in a land in where all can all be free to pursue happiness and prosperity, a land of refuge to all those fleeing oppression and death at the hands of petty tyrants and so called caliphates.

We are in great peril as a nation my friends and yes, we all lose our place from time to time but let's not lose our place a midst the stars, let's not allow corporate or hostile foreign powers to take our nation over, let's not go quietly into that good night and continue to rage against that fading light, let's fight the good fight and send these intruders back to hell in which they came as their not welcome here anymore.

The Trump administration is a dangerous thing indeed that seems to be on a direct course to perpetual war and the second great depression no less; it's taking us back to darker times to be sure when you study Mr. Trumps policies, the math just doesn't add up, does it ?  Now some would say that the economy is getting better and I hope this is the case however, be mindful that the economy is reacting to what former President Obama has done over the years and so, this will last for about another six months to a year depending on the economic policies Trump puts into play.

Donald Trump's Mad Money- Part Two:

If Trump orders huge expenditures, and the Congress goes along with the madness such as the wall, infrastructure, and military spending, not only will we lose many other needed government services as we see leaving currently, but he will lead us into a worldwide economic crash, count on it.  “He's the king of debt”……“I love debt” remember that set of statements ? Or, “if we run out of money we can just print more”, remember that one ?

I wonder if this is the reason that Mr. Trump is so reckless with our tax dollars as it's easier to spend someone else's money over your own such as his expenditures for his summer white house, trump tower, camp David, and all the other places he flies air force one to for lunch.  What really gripes my ass in found in that he rents a whole floor in trump tower to the secret service and they pay him millions to protect him and or to put it another way, the tax payer pays Donald Trump for the honor of protecting him with our secret service.

And then we have all these big things he wants to do such as the wall that is estimated to cost 21.6 billion:, Infrastructure : roughly $275 billion, healthcare $600 billion, military spending $54 billion, it must be nice to have all that tax payer money to spend, huh ?

Also remember, the United States government is broke and that's why the Republican Congress wants to get rid of every entitlement program it can such as Social Security and Medicare along with other much needed programs such as seniors programs, disabled children’s services and educational programs for kids, women's health services like planned parenthood and why?  Just so they can redirect that money back to the huge interest payment needed to float a massive national deficit of 18 to 20 trillion owed primarily to China, Russia, and Mexico if my memory serves me correctly, but to also redirect a good amount back into the military to which, is all ready the largest military in the world that out spends every other nation combined at as you can read over here at :

Ok, let's go over a few more numbers here in security cost for Mar-a-Lago to which he likes a lot that has cost us one million dollars so far and just think what the staggering cost would be at the end of his term :, Trump Tower : and every time he gets on hair force one : $200,000 a hour : and lastly, to keep Camp David open, a retreat he never uses cost : 1 million a year however, why should he use this retreat when he can use Mar-a-Lago to capitalize on his presidency?  It seems like he's making a lot of money off his presidency and the tax payers are paying for a lot of government waste.

How much does Trump’s protection and transportation cost us?  Here you go as you can read about it here at : And here's Mr. Trumps budget cuts from the programs we as Americans benefit from to the tune of well, you can add up the staggering cuts here at : .

Draining the swamp : uh, I don't think so, or is it just me ? You might like to read over this list trump supporters and tell me what you think. Mr. Trump has successfully bullshitted or lied his way into the oval office at the peoples expense and now is making more money then he's ever made in the private sector and my quest to you now is, where do we go from here ?

And yet, we tend to focus on Mr. Trump and his extravagant spending practices at the tax payers expense but we have to remember that Mr. Trump has friends in the Republican Congress that condone these spending practices along with his repressive policies against the American people and I wonder who are these folks?  Oh wait, here's who they are at :, people that you might like to call and let them know how you feel about the way things are going. I wonder if he's going to get Mexico to pay for all this stuff and or, perhaps he will rocket our taxes through the roof to pay for these fanciful ideas of his as this is the only way in paying for everything?

A Nation Under Siege: Part Three 

Why would the Congress allow a guy like Trump into the oval office when they see that he's wholly unfit emotionally and politically  bankrupt to handle it ?  Of course, they would say that their respecting the American vote but this is just setting up the American people up to take the fall and to distance the Republican's from him when it all comes crashing down around us under Trump however, here's the real reason Donald Trump is sitting in the White House today as follows in the coming paragraphs below.

It's motive and intent to make profit for the very rich, it's the greed of the Trump administration that can address this question more appropriately as we must ask ourselves “what's in it for everyone”?  Well, for the media like some far right programs such as Fox News or more specifically Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro there's ratings to be considered which brings in more money, for the massive corporations there's the lifting of environmental and other restrictions along with huge tax breaks that will allow them to make even more money, there's the lifting of sanctions for Russia and other hostile countries that Donald Trump may have business interests in that, will make them far more more money; the Republican Congress can have a rubber stamp in getting laws repealed or passed for those who can pay like the N.R.A. and Citizens United and or, other lobbies groups and guess what ?

Everyone wins through Trump’s back door deals ; even the politicians who get nice fat contributions for their future campaigns, everybody gets their palms greased with lots of money to go around and everyone makes out ‘bigly’ that is, everyone but the American people who get fucked hugely as we get those wonderful cuts in social programs, as we've all seen here of late.

Mr. Trump even wins BIG and again why ? As he can pay back his huge debts to foreign countries, use the White House for profit, cite himself as president of the United States and thereof adding worth to his name brand, dictate foreign policy for the countries he both likes or against the countries he doesn't like, he can use his authority and status to open up even more business deals around the world that favor all his one percent friends and further, deals that may work against the people’s and national interests  and health all around the world……but the best is for last, he can remove every environmental restriction that has kept him from building even more shit that in turn, makes him even more money.

When you stop to think about it, it's really all about the money for the Trumps isn't it?  Now ask yourself, to what length would a group of folks like this go to in enriching themselves further, to actually get into the White House ? Perhaps they would go as far as they needed to go to get the job done even if it met colluding with a hostile government, smearing a your political opposition over a long period of time with a Trumped up email scandal, creating thousands of fake news sites, paying a certain network to supply a constant dose of propaganda to the public, having their political opposition hacked by Wikileaks , hiring someone like Carter Page and Paul Manafort to keep their guy in line while making sure he gets in to do everyone's bidding...... sounds like a plan to me….sounds like a organized crime operation.

Have you ever wondered why a particular candidate can say or do one wrong thing and his or her candidacy is over in a flash like Ted Cruz and yet, Mr. Trump has offended every demographic, every nation, every world leader, every gender, everyone that can be offended and nothing ever happens to him other than his numbers would go up - “ I could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue and I wouldn't lose any votes” remember?  Well, that is because it really had nothing to do with votes and everything to do with very powerful and trusted people in high places wanting to get him into the White House at all cost, and guess what has happened? They succeeded.

However there is one very big problem with this conspiracy that they didn't anticipate, they didn't take into account being CNN, the good people in government on both sides of the isle, the 17 intelligence services, all the fact checkers in media, you and ourselves.  The problem I personally have, can be found in every military graveyard that I've walked through from time to time in where I hear silent voices resting in cool soil under a bleached white headstones that moreover reminds me, that this nation was fought and died for in a effort to keep this land free, a land free and equal under the law, under the Constitution of the United States.

Young men and women, that thought the American dream was worth laying down their very lives for, laying their lives down so you and I could be free to prosper, to offer refuge to the homeless, to give sanctuary to the lost and wayward, to live our lives freely and to be accepted as we are for who we are and you know what ? This is the American Dream, a dream that we must protest in the streets to keep, demonstrate over our key boards to remind Washington and the elites who run this show, display facts across our news programs, render justice through the courts and in every other way known to a free people that wish to remain free of tyrannical rule.

It's time to remember the blood stained march from Selma to Montgomery and the sacrifices made there for equality, to be treated with dignity, treated with kindness,  and treated like a human being should be treated, to be counted as part of the human race and the family of man : and let's not forget, the women's suffrage movement who fought and bled to gain equal rights on every level, to be treated fairly and to leave that title of second class citizen behind forevermore as you can read about here at :

It's time to remember that Immigrants built this country many of which couldn't speak English and wore funny looking clothing at: and all the blood and life that was given freely so you and I could vote and have fair and clean elections. Yes, it's time to remember who we are as a nation and what America is about, it's time to wake up and rage against tyranny and someone that wishes to make all the blood and sacrifice by those that came before us something spilled and suffered in vain, something that can be wiped from the face of history itself.

It's time to realize that there are men still in Washington D.C. that wish to take us all back to darker times in where women were just a commodity to be kept home barefoot and pregnant, to only speak when they were spoken to, and further, men that saw minority or immigrant people as something somehow less then human and closer to the best of the field, wealthy men that saw the poor and children as a expendable commodity or resource in the labor force, in the sweat shops and industrial work camps. Yes, there are men that think back on these times with fond memory whom would like to take us all back in a ‘trumped up time machine’ in where the only vote that counted was the vote of the old wealthy white dudes.

The Trump administration flies disrespectfully in the face of all that for me personal, and it should for anyone else that loves truth, justice, freedom and the American way.  My father cried 60 and 70 years after the fact for the carnage he witnessed throughout WW2 and Korea, but he never regretted fighting for this country, he never said a bad word against his government or acting president of the time, he suffered greatly with the wages of war upon his mind and spirit and if Donald Trump even had a clue as to what the freedom he enjoys but abuses has cost so many like my father, he wouldn't be doing half the shit he's doing up on the world stage but there again, I guess different people have different codes of conduct depending on how they were raised and what they've been through in life.

Now, Mr. Trump talks a good line of smack to the politically uneducated but even they know when something isn't right in Denmark and or, when they see the guy that has made all these promises to them in the past but is now doing the exact opposite once in office, “hollow promises”, “I like the poorly educated”, remember when he said that ? Of course you do, Donald. Listen, I would love to trust this president but I find this an impossible task as a direct result of his incessant lying, his atrocious ego, and out of control mouth just to name a few vexes of mine….it sends chills down my spine in light of his aggressive, impulsive, and reactionary personality that I believe will have us in another useless war in no time at all.

Yes, turn party aggressively against party and one demographic against another with one hand while speaking of diabolical plans with his rich buddies all around the world to further enrich them even more with the other hand, was the plan. He got all of us taking sides by fanning the flames of prejudice, hate, and utter discord with dreams of expanding his empire at the little guy’s expense and to no matter, if his golden dreams of progress trampled over the constitutional rights of whomever gets in his way.

Now, let me ask you this, what can a man that was deferred five times from military service during Vietnam war even remotely understand about the cost of war, what the price of freedom cost us in blood and severed limbs and or, what would a man that's been given everything on a golden platter from his very birth even know about going without, struggling to keep your lights on, watching a pet die in your arms because you didn't have enough money to take it to the vet, losing your home because you or your spouse became sick and overwhelmed with medical bills, losing your home simply because, your payments went up that you couldn't make because some ass hole like Steven Mnuchin though it would be cool to fuck with the economy and then cash in when everyone lost everything they ever worked hard to get:, nope a guy like this doesn't have a clue and thus, if he doesn't understand what it's like to be you or I, then how can he begin to make our lives better ? Past his vague and hollow promises that he seems to be breaking most of the time currently.

Really, all I hear like so many others out there in America, is some guy speaking out of both sides of his mouth in telling us one thing and then carrying out his handlers orders with the snap of their fingers and again, winners and losers. Rich guys 1 and working man 0.  I can guarantee you that we will be the losers and that little group of the one percent will be the HUGE winners once more while we the people are left holding the bag.

So, where do we go from here is the question.  I would firstly put the pressure where it counts the most when the time comes at the voting booth  and in the meantime, keep the pressure on by calling and writing your congressman or congresswoman in demanding that Mr. Trump show his taxes, divulge his business ties, and a list of all his business interests all around the world, with total complete FULL transparency ; nothing less will do but more importantly, I would push for a independent look into his Russian connections.

Truth And Justice : Part Four 

Demand a special bipartisan investigation into his interactions with Russia and or otherwise any other nation he or people in his current administration have had contact or deals with; demand that his conflict of interest issues be resolved immediately and to your full satisfaction in the many facets and if you don't get any action from your representatives your hoping for then, make a note to vote them out of office as soon as possible so you can get someone in office that will do your bidding.  Demand that Mr. Trump come up with detailed plans on the issues of national interest and don't settle for his typical vague line of bullshit.

Please understand that Washington D.C. has a long held culture of corruption because we the people of the United States aren't proactive in governing our government and or in other words, the public servants have become the masters of us all especially when, we don't know what's going on in the dead of night concerning the laws they pass and the things they add into these laws that serve them or their friends in the corporate world.

How do we check on the actions of our representatives?  We check their voting and attendance records, what they voted on, how many times they voted, how many days they missed from work, what kind of legislation their putting together, and so fourth. Find out if they're going with the flow and or actually fighting for your best interests.  Unless the public engages with government, our government is left to its own devices and that may not be beneficial to you ourselves.

During the 2016 election, I watched in horrified dismay as Hillary Clinton was by fact the most qualified candidate on the stage and yet, through a few small political mistakes made on her part that really shouldn't have mattered and further, with a consorted or combined effort to smear her good character, she was allegedly defeated.  I'd like to further use Hillary Clinton as a model in what we should be looking for in a candidate in the following paragraphs below.

Electing The Right President - Part Five

Firstly, we look for experience in a candidate as there's no time for on the job training when you’re  the president and then, we look over their academic records. We look for diplomatic skills and again level of education, clean criminal record check, is the person a team player and do they get along with most if not all people, what is their work record about, are they good under stress, do they have a proven voting record in the Congress or Senate concerning voting for things that serve the people, how much legislation were they responsible in getting passed, what is their working relationship with the public, can they be trusted, do they lie a lot just to name a few things we should gauge who would be the best for the job of president and who's not.

Hillary had all of these admirable attributes listed above however and for some reason, Trump has allegedly won the election, a guy with little education, no common sense, no job experiences, horrendously lacking in diplomatic skills, etc.  When I look at Donald Trump, I see red flags of every kind that would tell me that this man is ill suited for the job and when it comes to the attributes of Hillary, this is a green light across the board for me as all the qualification are there that would be needed for the job.

We as Americans have to stop electing people just because we like the sound of their voice, we like the way they walk, because they have a strong face, and worse, because they tell us what we want to hear.   We have to start electing our presidents via their qualifications for the job, we have to vet our presidents as you would a cop, solder, a bank manager, and or, someone else applying for a job with great responsibility attached to it and why?  Because that person is going to be responsible for our safety, health, and our over all prosperity in the future.

What was Hillary's interests?  Helping families and children, helping the poor, housing the homeless, guarding against big banks from crashing the economy again, and moreover, she told us how she was going to accomplish it all with specific plans and timelines but there again, what did we get from Donald Trump  in contrast ? “I'm going to be the greatest jobs president that God ever created”, “you'll be so tired of winning that you will call me and say I'm so tired of winning”  but no plans in how he was going to do it........I'm still waiting, Mr. Trump.

We had the best choice and worst choice standing beside each other on a stage, and the worst choice for America was either chosen by a majority of us who actually voted, or he was chosen by the 1 % to be president, either way it sucks.  In any case, Mr. Trump is in office until he is either impeached or voted out in four years and this gives me pause to worry and why?

For the same reason all of you should be worried........we have an ignorant president on every level, a hot headed president that buys into conspiracy theories from bullshit right wing talk shows that doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground; we have a president that goes to extremes with no fear of the repercussions he causes to the American people, a isolationist and industrialist who cares nothing for the environment or the health of any of us.......a president caught up in one scandal right after another, a president that's a habitual liar with little to no apparent shame whom becomes reactionary and combative at the smallest issue confronting him, a puppet to his hidden masters using the oval office to enrich himself and others at the people’s expense.

I would say that a reasonable level of awareness does exist in the majority of Americans however, something occurred that shouldn't have happened in the 2016 election. I just don't see how anyone could have missed the lurking but obvious dangers of disorganization within this candidate of Donald Trump, and now extending to his administration, the lack of fortitude in not making the proper and well balanced decisions needed for the job, the minuscule amount intellectual foresight that he may have but has failed to illustrate starting with his initial campaign to date.

One thing I will predict can be seen in that, as Mr. Trump’s credibility will continue to plummet via the new scandals that plague him through the lies he caught in and confronted with both now and in future days to come, those that support him via justifying his speech such as some in the Congress and those in the right wing media will go down with Trump himself as I don't believe the American people will be as forgiving as we've been in the past towards our other politicians.

In short, those that both support and aid Mr. Trump by whatever means will have doomed their political standing in the country and around the world.  Government believes that the American public has a short attention span, that we can be distracted with shiny objects…….however, this may have been true in the past with a complacent audience but it won't be so in the future given the grievous actions of this administration against the American people.

I seriously believe that if wrong doing is found in the Trump administration then the seriousness of the situation shouldn't be ignored and that a new election would be prudent and thereof, removing all in the current administration along with reversing any and all political actions, laws put fourth and appointments by this administration and the Congress in who aided them in the congressional voting process, we as the American people can never let's this sort of thing ever happen again as events like this can take a country down quickly.

Complacency and political ignorance is the worst enemy of the American people as these two things make a country weak and allow hostile powers to come in to usurp a national way of life. How do we prevent this sort of thing from occurring again?  I'm about to suggest some measures that will help not only our generations but the future generations to come however, before we get to vetting our future candidates let me point out some structural issues with our current government system starting with the electrical college that must be dismantled.

(1): As Mr. Trump had suggested during the primaries, the voting system should be the singular vote count of the people otherwise known as the popular vote that would carry the final vote tally and all voters taking part in the election process, should be legally registered citizens of the United States. 

(2): All government employees should be subject to termination including administration appointees, those in Congress and those sitting on the Supreme Court.

(3): There should be term limits to all acting government agents as keeping the Congress fresh and subjecting employees to possible termination with both keep the government honest and up with the times. 

(4): A president should be made subject to the annulment laws regarding any conflicts of interest that would either influence a decision, interfere with national security, or impend trust and fairness towards the American public in both the action of government and or, taking place in the private sector.

(5): A sitting president should be restricted from having any other residents past the White House and 116 Pennsylvania Avenue should be his or her place of dwelling at all times during a particular tenure however, should a sitting president decide to accept the cost of a temporary dwelling away from the White House, then that president should pick up the cost for such a temporary residence and not subject the American tax payer to this housing expenditure.

(6): Government employees should be held accountable to mandatory ethics and procedural state and federal laws as this can only strengthen the public trust in it's government.  All too often do the American people see infractions of law and ethics violations and or, outright violations of the rule of law by government officials that apparently do not suffer the real repercussions to their actions, actions that the average citizen would legally endure to the letter of the law; a double standard imposed by a political class against the working class throughout our court system.

(7): Governmental Institutions are recognized by the public in the level of their credibility and sole ability to lead through example however, even though some of our government departments retain their credibility and honor in the eyes of the American public such as our intelligence, military, and law enforcement communities, others do not under this administration refer to some in the Congress and pretty much all of those taking part in the Administrative realm of government and so, by the folly of a few in the Congress on both sides of the isle and those in the Trump administration, America has a persistent and or, a greatly diminishing faith in government over all.

(8): Congressional, Senate members should work every day of the week in theory and or, at least five days a week just like everyone else in America.  Working three or four months out of the year and wasting time on the tax payer’s dime through circus like antics when they are working is inexcusable to say the least…'s some salary and congressional work info for you at:

(9): Most of our congressional and seat members spend much of their time begging for money in either supporting their state of federal projects or running for office and this  leaves our government exposed to unwanted outside private sector or foreign government influence by lobbyists and special interest groups that encourage the breaches of the Constitution that we see from time to time.  If we get rid of the big money out of politics then by this we will get rid of a good deal of corruption from our government.

(10): For some reason we can't just have a simple bill moving through Congress for a singular purpose and the members of Congress like to add other stipulations to it, or piggyback bills to each other that may corrupt one legislation geared for the good of the American people with another that may be cancelled that benefit out with something that doesn't serve the people, or may serve someone whom may have lobbied for a particular thing in the private sector against the people’s interest.

What we see going on in the Trump administration is the exact opposite thing that should be occurring in our government and as long as we allow big money in government; we as American citizens will have no government under our control because it will remain under control of whomever can buy or sell it, for sale to the highest bidder.

These are just a few of the detrimental issues that I see going on in the American government at present and yet, the problems in our government run much deeper then any of us can see. We must understand that to be a public servant is about self sacrifice and a selfless mentality to which, is not evident in this current Trump administration and moreover, an administration that thinks ethics are for losers and thereof, a bad standard to follow as leading by example works both ways either to the benefit of a nation or to the detriment of that same nation.

Ok, let's move on to how we should vet our future presidents, or any of our elected officials for that matter in the future that will in turn give our government back to us. In the beginning of the 2016 election I was absolutely dumbfounded at the lack of investigation that went into the vetting process of our candidates on both sides of the isle and it seemed, that if you had the money then you had a really good chance of becoming president of the United States……..dangerous.  It seemed to be a pit bull fight and not a election based on the facts and qualification of the candidates involved but a reality show ran by a couple of billionaires being and for the Republicans that pored rivers of money into their candidate’s back pocket, candidates that should they have won would in return show them some favor, read over the Trump donors and then look who he has appointed to his cabinet.

I would like to see America last for at least another 500 years however at the rate that it's declining, I doubt if we will be here another 50 to 100 years at best.  Now I'm going to give everyone in America and specifically our government, a little gift and or a list of suggestions that will ensure that America and the American dream far exceeds that 50 to 100 year span of time and it starts with, or in Donald Trumps words “extreme vetting” but not in the way of anything to do with immigration, but in the way we screen our perspective candidates for office as follows.

First we start off with the psychological testing, health checkup, criminal and civil background checks, academic level or educational status, resident status, problem solving aptitude test through given scenario, political test on current and historical events, employment history, how do they get along with reporters and over all media, are they liked by people in general, how are they under pressure, are they fast thinkers, do they think outside the box, do they see both sides of a situation, do they hold country above party, do they remain calm in highly stressful situations, do they have a history of suicidal tendency, what is their voting record if served in capacity of congress or senate and their stand on issues, financial status and debts owed, check for any other social problems, military history and discharge, affiliations, ethics violations or otherwise any other line of questioning that would better determine the personality, character and skill set of any person seeking public office.

In other words, do a complete background check to make sure that the person were allowing to run doesn't have any issues that will cause problems down the road.  Now, what should we require from any perspective candidate in the way of transparency when running for office?  Here's some more suggestions as follows.  Transparency can only establish trust between a candidate and the public and thus, the more transparent a candidate becomes the more of a connection they’re going to have with the people they’re asking to vote for them.

The Trump administration is severely lacking in transparency and this is what is causing his plummeting poll numbers that will in turn, will keep falling along with his credibility factor and furthermore, the lying and other deceitful behavior he illustrates will eventually isolate him from the people and the congress.

Future candidates should be mandated to develop online sites that exhibit anything relevant in the way of information to questions that the public might ask about them such a anything to do with criminal or civil events, health and psychological records, detailed policies, world views, voting records, accomplishments and failures in both the political realms and business worlds, who the they've had private and political affiliations with in the past specifically with any lobbyist or special interest groups, donors and of course, if any candidate should fabricate or leave out any of this pertinent information about themselves and or, not comply with any aspect of the suggested criteria above, then they should be removed from the race immediately.

In order to get big money totally out of government we must not only remove the lobbyist and special interest influence from the equation, we must also address the media coverage of a particular pair of campaigns as well and so, how do we do this?  Well, in light of the Soviet intrusion and the fake news sites they flooded the web with I would suggest the following set of fixes as follows:  First, all coverage should be covered by an agreed upon news service based on their fact record, or set of news services and or, the government itself can use the existing broadcasting network within itself to cover the candidate introduction, debates and election results that furthermore, can be paid for via tax dollars.

Also, candidates would be required by federal mandate to spend equal time over an agreed network or broadcasting system in a effort to introduce themselves, explain their world views, detailed and specific policy proposals in prime time hours a couple times a week, this to would be funded via tax dollars. We would also have a neutral policy expert on hand that could explain the pros and cons of each set of policy proposals put forth by each candidate in a manner that would clearly enable the public to understand what was going on and again, paid with tax dollars.

Election results would be monitored and electronically counted by appointed persons along with computer scientists to monitor for technical anomalies that may occur and again, whom would be agreed on by both parties but preferably, computer monitors and scientists voted on by the American people if possible.  This would be a set of new components to government however it would put the election process back in the hands of the people and further, remove it from the control of that big money influence were always talking about.  Well, that's pretty much it and hopefully the Trump administration can get it's shit together but if not, it needs to go and we need to start implementing election safeguards to avoid problems in the future.

Open Letter To Mr. Trump - Part Six

Mr. Trump, I once wrote you a letter stating that I didn't like you very much but offered you my assistance just the same to which you had declined through your silence and yet, I'd like to take this opportunity to rephrase the first statement in that, as a individual we can't possibly dislike or even like you as a person simply because, we don't know the personal side of you and only witness your undisciplined self on the stage to which, comes under the heading of out of control and dangerous and yet, they say that your a smart and very nice guy but I see no evidence of this to date.

We only know what you've said on camera that's often times filtered through a storm of media noise and a directed narrative. I have however, listened to the things you've said, the promises you've made, the hate you've stirred and the toxicity you've propagated throughout the nation over the last two years plus and this is what I've had to go off of like so many others here in America and I must say, many of us out here don't like what were hearing or seeing.

Actually, I think it's safe to say that most of America doesn't like what it's been hearing or seeing out of your administration in the way of your habitual lying, the thoughtless and cruel things you've said regarding anyone who has disagreed with you, the petty attacks you make without thought or remorse, the doubling down on things you yourself know to be false and the vague, vague, vague  policy proposals that you've perpetually refused to render any reasonable detailed specifics on when pressed and this is what “we the people” see” coming from out of your administration, Mr. Trump. We do see that you aren't really considering the people’s interests or have their welfare at heart by the national programs you are cutting.

Now, I want you to understand that I don't enjoy hammering you just about everyday on the things mentioned above and yet, I feel compelled to do so just like you would do to me if the rolls were reversed and I were to conduct myself in the way that you are now conducting yourself. You demanded that Obama show his birth certificate and that the Hillary show everyone her emails to which they did, but you are still unwilling to show the American people your taxes or disclose all your affiliations and business ties around the world as you had promised as a candidate and this, not only earns you the title of a hypocrite but sows unending mistrust throughout the ranks of the American public.

So, Mr. Trump, why are you surprised that your numbers are dropping through the floor especially when you're blatantly allowing the Republican Congress to take away the things that many Americans really need, things that you promised your supporters who need these things the most that you would keep and protect for them?

By the way, Mr. Trump, I talk to many of your supporters everyday and believe me when I tell you this in that, they are not happy with you, your polls aren't “fake news” or propaganda, it's real and your in trouble with your base, trouble that will only continue to grow if you leave their concerns unchecked, if you don't fulfill all the promises you've made to them to which is impossible to say the least, you won't even have a popularity number by this years end.

Moreover, the legitimacy of your presidency is already in question and thus you should prove your innocence regarding the “Trump / Russian Connection” and find a balance in fixing the government and fulfilling your promises in full. You demanded that former President Obama prove his citizenship over the years in your efforts to delegitimize his presidency and now you find yourself standing in his shoes and know, karma really is a bitch isn't it, Mr. Trump……

Believe this or not, I really do want you to succeed and not because I feel some sort of kindred attachment to you, but because everything you say and do effects me in my daily life as it does with everyone else in this country and in light of this, if your successful then were all successful and if your not, then none of us are. I know you don't like to read and you get offended easily but I would ask you to learn from this because after all, it's for your own good.

I don't like the way you came into office or the way you stepped on your friends to get there, the people you deceived, the hate and discord you propagated, the divisive and harmful speech you put out everyday, the embarrassment and shame you protracted against others and despite all this, you somehow manage to get yourself into the Oval Office to which, is now your torment and shame to this point but not all is lost, and it is possible to turn it all around should you have the fortitude and love for this country as you say you do by showing your taxes and being overly all transparent.

If you want to be liked, admired and loved by the American people Mr. Trump, then earn it by starting with honesty, be honest with the public, treat all world leaders with respect and dignity, be the honorable leader of the free world, practice a given level of transparency. Measuring your success in the size of your rallies really doesn't mean anything because when you stop and ponder the numbers were talking about here, is a very small percentage of the American public as even if you had two million people at each rally to which is unrealistic number in itself.  Even if you had a number of two million people show up at each rally averaging out to ten million folks for five rallies out of a population at last count being 320 million people in the United States, your still getting a very small percentage of the voting public at your rallies….think about it.

Now, on to the next topic of concern. You had ask for a special prosecutor for Hillary through Jeff Sessions during one of your rallies concerning her missing emails and further, harped on her FBI investigation even though you yourself were being investigating at the time and now, you have five investigations including a FBI probe against you and your entire administration Mr. Trump and I wonder, are you putting it all together yet in the way that their might be a much higher court then the Supreme Court judging your life, a judgment bringing back all the same things that you had wished for others, “Russia, if you can find Hillary's missing 30,000 emails I'm sure the media will reward you mightily,” etc.

You see, your wish to become president and the harm you've done to others along the way in getting there has now come back to be your torment, karma is a real thing Donald and it's only going to get worse as time goes on unless you change your ways, “Believe Me”. Again, I wonder if you, your family and your administration can hold up under the strain as it all crumbling down around you now and my question to you would be, was it all worth it?  And would you do it the same way if you had it to do all over again?  Maybe so because nothing ever really sinks in with you, does it?

Like I said before Mr. Trump, you can turn this all around to your benefit through your free will to make the right choices in the future and moreover by listening to good advice from professional people that you've not yet contacted in government, or have but disregarded their good advice. It's up to you and it doesn't have to be like this and please know, before you can make America great you must first be the shinning example of greatness for the world to see with your every word and deed.

I think your social aptitude is abominable and you communication skills really suck at this point and yet, I do believe that you are a well meaning individual with a big heart in private however, you are horribly detached from the needs of people over all and equally misunderstood by the public, your just a man stuck in a different time trying to address  the problems of a fast moving modern world, your lack of communication skills, narrow views, shortsightedness and policy ignorance doesn't help your predicament much either.

Don't be offended by this criticism but learn from it Mr. Trump, and learn this wisdom especially, as the only sin and danger in ignorance is in choosing to remain ignorant about that given issues.  We are living in a extremely dangerous and volatile world that is about to get worse and one wrong step from you could mean disaster for the entire world on so many fronts. To if it be yourself or another sitting in the Oval Office in the days to come, it should be known that dangerous times are imminent for all of us and thus, we have to be at our best and ready to work together to survive it and with that, I will just say buckle up people because were in for a rough ride.  I hope it all works out Mr. Trump for all our sake's.

Open Letter To Congress - Part Seven 

You know, when I was kid we thought the government was the next best thing to God himself, full of professionals that knew everything, people that knew just what to do about every situation, a group of dedicated people that lead the country in a honorable and upright way, intelligent people in control of the nation at all times and yet, as the years went on and I saw the division become more and more evident in government, my perception of government was shattered piece by piece.

And what destroyed my rose colored view of government ? Well, where do I start is the question…..I guess we can start with people in our government becoming more and more detached or complacent with the real lives that people actually live, people that struggle everyday to pay their light bills or in even in putting food on the table, people trying to put their kids through school, people losing everything they own because of illness and hospital bills, people that become homeless because of drug addictions and otherwise unforeseen problems such as mental illness, folks losing everything they owned in a economic crash because of guys such as the ones Trump and congress has appointed to office, families falling apart due to financial stresses, broken families, people getting laid off from jobs that they've held for years and built their lives around, an aging population wondering about their bleak future because the medication they buy has depleted their retirement savings, people that get blamed by the government for the things government causes in the first place.

I guess it's really hard to see what's going on with the other part of society when your healthcare is free, your job, salary, and hours are guaranteed for at least four years at a time if not for life, when you make more then enough money to walk into a store and you don't have to ask what something cost or have to go to the dollar store or Walmart to buy your food, clothes, and or shoes. 

It must be nice to wear a $5,000 pant suit to a debate or a $500.00 pair of house slippers to work in the Senate….it must be super nice to work three or four months out of the year and make $170,000 plus while getting to debate bills for half a day until the gavel fails because the speaker is late for his golfing trip and yes, the American dream lives for some in government and yet, when you hang out with millionaires and billionaires all day then the little people can be missed quite easily, or their lives can become very removed from your lifestyle, right?

We kind of forget the working class and the working poor don't we?  Party politics and policy fights become more important than actual problem solving for the people that voted for all of you, right?  Obstructionism becomes the battle cry because it's more about saving face for party then actually doing the job that we the people sent you there to do. Now, please don't get me wrong because I know that there's a lot of people in government on both sides of the isle that this doesn't apply to and yet, there's many more that it does, and it is those that I'm speaking to in this post.

It's easy to wonder why some people “can't even afford a $500.00 car repair bill” when your living in a home worth five-million dollars or drive around a car that you never have to repair of buy gas for and if you do, then it's no big deal to buy the best tires money can buy for your car is it ? However, for the poor working class they have to scrape for the cheapest set of tires they can find costing around $800.00 that they typically have to buy one at a time while replacing the worst on first on their car.

You know, it's been my experience that people for the most part, don't envy successful people and I in fact teach folks to emulate successful folks however, it is a swift kick to the balls for many struggling people out here to see well to do folks such as yourselves wasting time with government bitch fights and gridlock especially when, many of us are out here hanging on by a thread, but you didn't know that did you?  It's because you don't live here or bother to see how we really live.

Republicans or Democrats, it's all the same to most of us and more about who will allow us to keep the most money in our pockets because after all, we want to live the American dream just like you; we don't care if we become super wealthy in life however we do want to be comfortable, we do want to leave our kids a little something when we die and yet in these days and due to all the division within our government, hoping for this is like pissing against the winds of a fucking hurricane.

For eight years, I watched Mr. Trump talk shit about Barack Obama.  I watched the Republicans obstruct Obama in every way possible and during the 2016 election……I watched Republicans launch about every dirty trick they could think of to dismantle the campaign of Hillary Clinton and now, we see the Democrats retaliating for these political trespasses and thus, I would ask where this leaves the American people?  What can we hope to get out of our government to make our lives better?  When will the people whom actually voted for you and put you into office actually expect you to do your god damn jobs?

But there again, maybe I'm asking too much as some in government are to chicken shit to even go to their town halls to hear the grievances of the constitutes and why ? Because they fear their lives are in danger. You see government, it shouldn't be like this and what does this tell you about the way the American population perceives you and the way your doing your jobs ? Look……people want honesty, transparency, and sound workable policy that allows people to get ahead and thus, what's so hard to understand about this?  The American public just want the same chance as you have to get ahead, this is why we put you there in the first place.

We didn't put you guys there to sabotage or obstruct each other, we put you in office to construct beneficial and balanced policies that will help all of us out here do well in our lives;  we voted you in to impose ethical behavior and to expose government corruption within your ranks, and am I making myself clear?  The way you perform your jobs is what earns you the “trust and credibility” from the public and it is these two components that keep this country glued together and by the way just as a side comment, fuck Putin as he's only as strong as we will allow him to be so get to the bottom of this and clean his corruption out of my government.

As far as other issues such as immigration, healthcare, updating the military, and our nuclear triad, the tax system, national infrastructure, healthcare, and otherwise goes, both parties have had over forty years to get these issues resolved or updated however, many in the government were too busy paying for unnecessary conflicts and wars around the world by borrowing money out of our entitlement programs such as social security etc. for wars that they never paid back and now, our government finds itself borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and again, attempting to blame and make the American people pay for another fuck up on the American governments part.

Currently, we have a broke government, a republican Congress in whom created a monster that got off his political chain, a president with eyes far too large for his economic stomach who thinks he's going to fix everything by cutting beneficial programs and redirecting or diverting those funds from the programs in question to which others that will temporarily benefit however, this diverting of monies will only displace the moneys in question and will only create more debt as other programs will have to be created to address the void in assisting societie’s most vulnerable.

In essence, we've made national defense the number one priority to which it needs to be, and I do believe we need a well equipped armed force but there again, Mr. Trump is found extreme in his directives in addressing our nation’s issues by focusing on one and disregarding everything else, “throw out the baby with the bath water” syndrome and or once again, causing the American people to pay and suffer for the indiscriminate spending expenditures of his and administrations of the past.

None of these issues will have possible fixes to them in the future unless both parties come together and work jointly to resolve these protracted problems in a fair and balanced way, and that's a fact that you can take to the bank.  Regarding the Russian intrusion, that's by far the greatest concern to me currently, both sides of Congress along with the White House needs to get to the bottom of this by again, working together and forming a independent investigative committee working jointly with the CIA and the FBI to put this government corruption to bed.

If the Mr. Trump and the Republican Congress have nothing to hide then they should have no problem in forming a special investigative unit to discern to what degree the 2016 election was compromised; if it caused a illegitimate president to be put into office, and what steps we can take in the future to further strengthen our anti hacking and or, anti terrorism programs in the future while at the same time, securing our actual election system.

News flash…….it's the job of countries like Russia who oppose us in many instances around the world to do what they can to get ahead, to bring down a nation that keeps them from fulfilling their global initiatives however, it is our job to make sure that they don't get over on our allies and or, over on us and this, is where the United States government has failed in protecting itself and the American people through a outdated election system and very behind the times technical set of anti cyber attack programs.

The trick in my opinion  is to address all the issues that we face as a nation in a moderate, balanced, but well defined and thought out way as these issues didn't evolve over night and they all won't be fixed in a weeks time and yet if we all work together, I think all of us will be very surprised how just how many things we can accomplish and in good time. The fact of the matter is in that, we must stop the cat fight between parts of Congress and between the Oval Office and then, begin jointly seeking the truth about the problems that face us as a nation and if not we will be like every other great empire in history - we will fall.

In the end, it won't matter who was right or wrong as we will all be standing on the side of the road looking at each other with no place to go and hence, what matters at this point is fixing our governmental corruption issues within and then, to concentrate on all other national issues and preferably, I hope we have the wherewithal as a government to address them all appropriately and simultaneously.   In other words, did we have a clean election, is our president a real one, and then, what to do about healthcare and so fourth.

We've come off as a weak and faltering nation in the world’s eyes for many years now and not because of the policies we've enacted so much but because, we are obviously divided as a nation and is it any wonder why?  Predator nations have decided to move on what it considers to be a weak national prey, or a nation about to fall.  Projected strength starts with our president to which isn't evident in the current administrative office and weakness continues to be projected with a Congress that always seems to be more interested in saving face via retaliation against the perceived offender rather then actually working together via overcoming past slights and disagreements, and this must stop for the welfare of the nation as a whole.

As I've said in the past so many times before, the strength of a nation rests in it's ability to work as one united force meaning, the people and it's government.  The government on the whole is a reflection of it's people and hence it is the people that must pick up the reigns of the government and or, to govern its government instead of the government governing its people as a government left to it's own devices becomes blinded to the needs of the average citizen. Governments are there to enforce the will of it's majority of people and not existing to enforce the will of the rich powerful few against the many.

Closing Comments To The American People - 
Part Eight

We, as American's, have become complacent and blind, we are not without sin.  We on the whole, like myself, have forgotten who we are and what we want to represent as American’s; we've forgot what it is that we’re actually fighting for that's so easy to do in the heat of any battle and yet, this isn't a permanent condition and moreover just a matter of remembering who we are and the American dream that we wish to strive for and project as a nation throughout the world. So in essence, it starts with us, not our government, but us, it starts with our involvement in being heard, voting, holding our politicians accountable, changing the system to serve us, a system that often times that works against us.

In my opinion, Donald Trump is the direct result of our complacency, laziness, and policy ignorance as Americans and worse yet, a desperate grasp by many in the country whom cast themselves down blindly into the idea of change by believing in a guy that told them whatever they wanted to hear, a guy that has never had any plausible concept of what truth or fact really is and yet, they did not ask themselves what kind of change he would actually bring to them but became so in love with the idea of bringing down the established order that they actually opened the door up to perpetual chaos and government destruction by their once perceived saviour, a saviour  for the rich and the destroyer of the working class.

Even though, and for whatever reason, we now have a sitting president in office in where many of us aren't quite sure how he got there or what he's really about.  We just don't know if he was elected by traditional electoral means, or by unconventional and outside hostile forces and thus, has only further divided the nation to critical mass, now this has become a situation that won't be resolved or defused until it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that his election is a valid and true one.

The thing that worries me the most is found in the fact that we as a nation have become so embroiled or enslaved in this self inflicted misery, a reality show brand of anarchy off screen and manifest into the reality of everyday life, a perpetual trouble that we seem to be unable in freeing ourselves from and yet, if this misery remains the case and written in stone then how then can we as a people expect to be free from it at all and to any degree?

How can we expect to be free from this dire trouble without competent relief or real leadership away from this persistent growing beast of national troubles and further, only worsened by a man with no clue to which bears the question, what will we do when real trouble comes a calling, what will we do?  It is wholly unfathomable to me how a modern generation has gotten here to this unfortunate time and more or less, how do we put this demonic genie back in its bottle ?

With all this being said, and being the forever optimist that I am, hope is not a fleeting issue for me as the American people have been mobilized into action through grievous adversity and the great Dragon has risen from its deep slumber with the sole intent of being heard, to clean the house, a house that for far too long has been left derelict under the incapable and bereft studentship of incompetent men standing firm behind the grifter, “drain the swamp”.

Many times, we as Americans look for that ever elusive superhero that will save the day but likened to King Arthur sending his knights out over the land to quest for the holy grail, we the American people will also discover through our earnest efforts and soul searching that the holy grail of the American dream rests within ourselves and that, we ourselves are the real super heros that will save the day.  Americans that need not any longer rely on the wishful words and hollow promises of plastic saviours, but a free people very well capable in taking control over our own destinies through force of will in letting our government know who we are and what we would like to reflect in the world through competent legislation both in domestic and foreign policy.

America, you've given me hope in all your awesome efforts and accomplishments and for that, I am eternally in your debt and yet, this battle isn't over and we have miles to go before we sleep.  Through each others efforts we become stronger as a people, we become more united in our numbers, a force to be reckoned with through the moral aptitude we hold and spiritual fortitude we show, we are “we the people” who refuse to be ruled or subjected to false prophets and tyrants. Thank You for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the best in everything you do in your lives.

Suggestions To The Democratic Party - Part Nine

Loss is just another word for regrouping, rethinking, and setting new goals and I must say, Hillary ran a honorable race and I'm still very proud of not only Hillary, Barack, and all of you that took part in this election still and the same, you must realize that the deck was stacked against you in a dirty way and should the election had been ran in a ethical way by all involved, your party would have won.

I would suggest to that come next election cycle it would be better to get to know the people beforehand and get your finger on the pulse of the American people  by coming out and talking to us, just talking with us and not wanting anything in return as the only times we see anyone is when they either want money or votes during an election.  Mr. Trump played on everyone's fears and attempted to turn us against one another but it was in this time, that your party should have addressed and relentlessly dispelled these fears one by one through Hillary.

I had written Hillary and warned her not to become complacent, to not let the people become complacent, and she didn't on this count but, that she also should explain healthcare specifically concerning the expanding of it and if not, it would be the death blow to her campaign, she did not take this last advice of explaining healthcare as far as I know.

On to the next topic, I won't lie, and you guys know that I didn't like the way the ACA was pushed through the Congress and passed in the dead of night without ever knowing what was in it before voted on, you know I didn't like the fact that it was pushed through as a tax under the U.S. Commerce act and put in the care of the IRS and that, I told you folks that the federal mandated ACA against small business would really hurt the economy as did many economic experts said at the time and yet, I thought it was a really good idea over all but needed many fixes to make it more affordable.

The ACA needs to be fixed and further, I think that the Democratic party needs to put it's differences aside and work with the good Republicans in Congress to get something better legislated that will cover the American health need in a affordable way. This was the only disagreement I had with the Democratic party over the last eight years and everything else was pretty much text book.

Again, never federally mandate Americans or American business to buy anything but give us monetary incentives that will benefit and allow us to keep money in our pockets.  It's all about the money for us over party Nancy and Chuck, it's about the American dream or having life goals through reaching our financial goals.

Again, talk to the American people and listen to them, take their advice and my biggest piece of wisdom for you is, put yourselves in our shoes, put yourself in the shoes of the least of American society who need these financial breaks the most.  The American people are angry, apprehensive, and a bit paranoid currently towards their government and the only thing that will cure the problem and boost  consumer confidence is Transparency and economic growth.

Regarding the Russian / Trump connection, get to the bottom of it as this must be resolved to everyone's satisfaction before this nation can move forward and or, put their trust back into our election system.  It doesn't matter how you do it be it in the public eye or behind closed doors, we just need it resolved before anyone can see our government as a legitimate entity void of foreign tampering and corruption.

Speak plainly and always speak truth, be up front with us.  In closing, your party is a honorable party and all will be made right in the future so keep doing what your doing and stay true to your values and lastly, always inform the American people of what's really going on in government as if you do this, the American people will reward your party in the future.  If you or anyone out here reading this would like to speak to me directly including Nancy or Chuck, you can always reach me here at to get other views and suggestions that may assist you in the future.

Written By "Two Voices In The Wilderness"
James R. Morgan ll
Janhett T. Windglows